Introduction to Campus Campaign

So maybe we’re shorter than the rest of America, we cause a little more trouble, and some of us can’t even legally drink a glass of wine. No matter. The American youth today has shining peaks of greatness, and I’m not just talking about the towering and ever-happy world champion Michael Phelps. We glide through the hallways of high schools, colleges, and new offices across the country – perhaps not always with flying colors, but with a style all our own.

Now in this forum, the youth of Denver and of America can read each other’s thoughts and then comment from this very special perspective, one maybe partly still in the shadow of our parents, but also certainly beginning to claim our own beam of light. This election has been crazy – but then again, when is Washington politics ever a yawn? I would know. Born and raised in the District of Columbia, I may lack my share of senators and state legislature, but when it comes to presidential politics the heat isn’t very far from my own back yard.

Rolling through primary season, it wasn’t far from yours either. You’ve followed the scandals, the missteps, and the inspiringly eloquent speeches. You’ve even voted (submitted online or in your mind) on the proximity of the comparison between Michelle Obama’s wardrobe and that of Jackie Kennedy – pleasantly provided by US Weekly and several other deliciously glossy publications.

Well the heat only continues, and now the Denver Post is in all the action. We want to hear your after thoughts, chuckles, rantings and revelations. And I will be watching and listening. As an only child, I find I do a lot of that. Devout pilgrim of Carrie Bradshaw and attentive viewer of “Meet the Press,” this dual citizen (American-Italian) came to Denver to witness the Democrats nominate one of two historical candidates. The Denver Post (where I am an Intern) is a place I find to have a bit in common with the definition of “urbanist.” A notice posted to a wall of one of Denver’s Shopping malls: “Urbanist: somebody who embraces the pulse of a city, and contributes to the beat.” In short, they know what’s going on. As for me, being a junior at Georgetown University, and, as I slipped before, a Washington native, the political aroma has always lurked nearby.

Nevertheless, I am actually an English major (philosophy minor) so I find that the characters in these stories, their racing thoughts, or the motifs peppered throughout are what my literary brain picks up. I am joined by other Denver Post interns, and as time goes on their other backgrounds will continue to flavor the discussion.

And what may we discuss? I mentioned the “who,” or the characters, and I asked some of my peers recently what defines a president, how would they describe Hillary Clinton, and so on. I gathered the answers through the electric and winding branches of the social network “Facebook,” and I’ll share them with you.  However, as the plot thickens toward Convention day, and toward all the political landmarks on the path to the White House, we will ask you and listen to anything. What about this process has ever frightened you? Do you see yourself maybe involved in it one day? Or on a more minute level, why on earth is everyone talking about John McCain’s shoes? If you’re pondering it, we’ll ponder it. Campaign ’08 has come to this cyber-campus, and you are our news.


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