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With magazines, Emilia has put her finger on a hugely important issue (pardon the pun!) She is an immensely talented and whip-smart writer, and I can’t imagine a better guide to the funhouse nightmare land that is Mag World — or someone better positioned to imagine a more hopeful future for readers everywhere.
— Alexandra Petri, The Washington Post
Emilia Ferrara profoundly articulates the internal struggle that women have felt for decades when it comes to media’s constant false narrative of how we can be happy. With voices like her’s, who are challenging the media landscape with intellect and grace, I am confident we will see an honest shift in the content that is produced to create stronger and more realistic stories.
— Rachael Baxter, Conscious Magazine
Growing up with the Internet made millennials realize that transparency is not only inevitable but healthy. The beauty, fashion and magazine industries would all benefit from being conscious of Emilia’s vision. Mag World offers insights for professionals within the media to create content that facilities deeper human connection.
— Elena Baxter, Conscious Magazine
I always knew that a counter-cultural community existed outside the beauty, fashion and magazines industries, but when I read Mag World, I developed a way of thinking — an inner supportive voice — built from Emilia’s ideals. I highly recommend every woman read her passionate advice so that they too can know their own worth when facing challenges from the media.
— Elise Crawford, Ringlet

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Emilia Ferrara is an American writer born in Washington, D.C. with Italian and French roots. She attended Beauvoir and the National Cathedral School while studying ballet with Mary Day. Her performances include The Washington Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and the Ballet National de Marseille. Nearly ten years after graduating Cum Laude from Georgetown University, the English Department’s Thesis Prize has been renamed in her honor. In 2016, she launched a sustainable fashion, green beauty and wellness publication called Capitally Magazine. In 2017 she published her first book, Mag World, which critiques the beauty, fashion and magazine industries. Ferrara has worked as a fashion journalist for over ten years and teaches Fashion Journalism at Georgetown University . . .


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