10 Gorgeous Women Who Will Inspire You To Wear Less Makeup In 2015


1. Lorde

The supernova singer spoke out when images both photoshopped and not were published from the same concert. And while her opinions on digital editing reveal her unique social intelligence, it is in the moments she chooses to go barefaced when we realize just how young she is and thus how insanely talented.

Rock on, Lorde. We love when you live life au naturale.



2. Rihanna

Ohhhh, Riri. You steal our hearts by pushing the boundaries on nudity fair-play. We love the creative attempts, but we are most stunned by your bare face. Rihanna’s wide bone structure and no-mess attitude seem to be on full display when she skips the paint. And we wish she did it all the time.

For a girl who can turn a tiny trend into Fashion Law, we hope Rihanna lives 2015 as the poster child for lax natural beauty.


3. Cate Blanchett

This classy lady makes “being different” cool. Her (what some have called)“masculine” features have allowed her to play breakthrough roles — but we think her unconventional beauty is at it’s best when bare.

Whether running errands or playing queen, we can’t help but worship the power behind this fresh face.


4. Hilary Rhoda

That wide-eyed American smile is just what the fashion industry needed when Rhoda came on the scene back in 2008. A girl with suburban Maryland roots, Rhoda was more jock than princess in high school. Her devotion to health and her zingy personality keep her on the fitness blogger fresh waves. We love her dappled arms, tight bone structure and glowing cheeks the most.

Thanks for being a super model who shows us how to leave the makeup bag at home.



5. Julia Roberts

There is no one who has captivated us more through the years than Julia Roberts. When she went from chick-flick heroine to happily married mom we fell in love with her even more. The truth is, Roberts is a seriously gorgeous girl with a totally un-glamorous attitude. She picks the clogs and overalls and her skin continues to glow.

When you’re rushing out the door and fumbling for your keys, remember: moisturizer and a smile make you the ultimate “pretty woman.”


6. Amanda Seyfried

Mamma mia! What a face. Seyfried has flow from high school jokester to musical stardom, and through the love of her dog, Finn,we get to see her out on plenty of casual walks. This is when her true beauty shines. The second blonde on our list has a quiet side and raw humor, but we feel her personality comes out when she’s not layered with makeup.

Sing it, Seyfried. 2015 will be the year of don’t-care beauty.



7. Halle Berry

Berry is another classic, like Julia Roberts, whom we cannot take our eyes off as the years go by. Berry’s relationships have evolved, and so has her sense of self. Her confidence shines its brightest when she is simply Halle.

We can imagine it’s tough to be a big star and to keep it simple everyday, but we applaud Berry for showing that true grace comes with a natural look.


8. Liu Wen

Some models get caught up in the hype, but not Liu Wen. She has the business down cold, and knows exactly what to bring to the table. What we love about Wen is that she doesn’t desperately contour her features. She has been known to keep it bold and bare. This is proof to us of an inner confidence that extends way longer than the catwalk.

Wen will be setting an example in 2015 for all women who face industry standards — whatever the nature of the business — by demonstrating that taking the rules and making them your own means putting self esteem first.


9. Emilia Clarke

Most know her as the mother of dragons, but we just see a fantastic girl next door. Clarke has rocked her role on Game of Thrones, but when she is off duty her skin is as glowing as it would be after a romp with Drogo. She keeps it simple with minimal to no makeup, and she alway puts on a smile.

We have no problem with this queen laying down the law: less is more.



10. Natalie Dormer

Of all the leading ladies on our list, Dormer made the strongest beauty transformation last year. First, as Anne Boyleyn, she sweet talked her way into the arms of a temperamental king. Most recently in Mockingjay, she sheds her girly side for one of the most purely fierce aesthetics we have ever seen.

Raw strength is what we love most about the women who flaunt society’s expectations. Dormer has hit a home run with so many roles, but it is in living her own life that we enjoy seeing her true identity come forth.


We know…

…choosing a fresh face isn’t as easy as it sounds. The pressure comes from all corners. On the days when a stress pimple rises up or dark circles crowd our eyes, it doesn’t feel good to leave the house.

This anxiety / fear / emotional attachment is one we can all work to shake off a little. Yes, never wearing makeup is perhaps an unrealistic expectation, but does it have to be everyday? So much at work? Always reapplied when you wake up next to him?

As many have been recently reminding us: a “feminist” is simply someone who thinks men and women can have equal experiences. And if a man can start the day feeling sexy with a clean shave and a bare face, then shouldn’t 2015 be the year when all women feel free — scratch that, excited — to do the same

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