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"With magazines, Emilia has put her finger on a hugely important issue (pardon the pun!) She is an immensely talented and whip-smart writer, and I can't imagine a better guide to the funhouse nightmare land that is Mag World —or someone better positioned to imagine a more hopeful future for readers everywhere." —Alexandra Petri, The Washington Post
“Growing up with the Internet has allowed millennials to realize that transparency is not only inevitable but healthy. The beauty, fashion and magazine industries would benefit from being conscious of Emilia Ferrara’s words. Mag World offers a road map for professionals within the media to create content that facilities deeper human connection." —Elena and Rachel Baxter, Founders of Conscious Magazine
"I always knew that a counter-cultural community existed outside the beauty, fashion and magazine industries, but when I read Mag World, I developed a way of thinking—an inner supportive voice—built from Emilia's ideals. I highly recommend every woman read her passionate advice so that they too can know their own worth when facing challenges from the media." —Elise Crawford, Founder of Ringlet Studio