Basscamp (!!!) Contributes to Mag World

Many of the Washingtonians with dance fever reading this know DJ Basscamp as the most cosmic Minnesota transplant our town has ever seen. BUT THERE’S MORE. He is a stunning visual artist, too.

After being delightfully enthused about Mag World (a guy? who drops beats? wants to contribute to a book about women’s magazines?) I invited him to collaborate in the creative process. And by that I mean, he took my voice and translated it into funny, touching and perplexing images that I cannot wait to share with you. He is making it possible for those who are far away to see me in a new dimension. I am the luckiest writer in Washington. 

If the sounds of Basscamp are indeed unfamiliar to you please, please, please explore and enjoy his equally beautifully designed website and keep an eye out for his quote-cards, coming soon to a social media near you (see: #MagWorld). 

I could go on and on about this fabulous friend, but for now all I need say is… THANK YOU!



Emilia Ferrara